How long will it take to heal?

How Long Will Diastasis Recti Take to Heal?


Unfortunately, the answer to the question of how long it will take to heal is- It depends. It depends on your starting place.

page1image49807104page1image51748736I know that’s not the answer you want to hear. But, it depends on the following:

-The width of your diastasis

-Depth of your diastasis (which is actually more important than width)

-Your posture and how you manage it functionally (this is huge!)

-How much time you will commit to working on yourself

-And more

page1image51750464We will be learning more in depth, over the duration of this course, the ins and outs of

how to effectively promote healing.

Let’s speak generally though so we can have time frames to work with.

Generally speaking, it takes 4- 6 weeks to strengthen muscles. So, we can expect it to take at least that long to see significant results. I have many testimonies of ladies reporting they have very good results in 1 month. This is likely an indicator that the issue was mostly a lack of strength in the core and/or of postural issues. If you are like me and have more laxity (or looseness) in your fascia, then it will likely take much longer.

Realistically, most of us will take 8 weeks of consistent work to really see measurable results. Then we will more than likely need additional time to fully heal. Many of us will take 1 year or more.

PATIENCE is the name of this game.

PERSEVERANCE is how we play it.

PROGRESS is proof that we are winning!

Make sure to start your journey with the self-tests, so you can gauge your progress and assess what you need to work on.

Also, if weight is an issue, the good news is that you can see MUCH improvement in the look of your diastasis as you lose weight.

More good news is that we will be working on strengthening muscle in this program. It will be affective in closing your diastasis recti regardless of weight. So don’t wait until you lose weight to proceed with this program.

Rebuilding your core from the inside out is totally doable. I have worked with countless women that are totally ecstatic after seeing just 8 weeks of progress. It gives hope that it can be done. And just working on ourselves makes us feel better about our bodies in general, even long before we have reached our ultimate goal. 🤩

For some, it's disheartening that this isn't a quick fix. Remember this didn't happen overnight. Also, remember that doing nothing won't fix this... and starting "tomorrow" won't fix it faster than if you start today.

I have seen so many women get mind blowing results. You can do this! Today is the day to begin. ❤️💪

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