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It looked like I was pregnant...

I am SO proud of myself! Consistency and discipline has paid off.

The pictures on the left were taken February 9th. I took the pictures of the right, today, March 15th. 😁 looked like I was pregnant all the time. I had 2 babies in less than 2 years, my youngest will turn 2 this summer. Core strength and Diastasis Recti repair exercises have been my #1 focus this entire time because my belly was my main insecurity.

Mother of 5 Children

"I never took a before picture, I guess I thought that IT will never look “normal” again. Now I am sorry that I didn’t 😊 and the pain in the lower back is gone, especially on the left side. Also the feeling of weakness in the core is gone too. If only I knew that DR is the condition that caused that I would have closed the gap sooner with your program." -N.D.

Hard work pays off 😆

She reported doing one of my Diastasis Recti exercises everyday, "... including at least 30 minutes of cardio. What helped to was changing my diet..." Which is why the Mommy Mango program is a holistic program.

After 1 Month

"...I know it's been about a month since the first and last picture. I have been doing the videos, daily squats, and walking/jogging. I have lost 8 lbs and reduced my gap by atleast two fingers. Still have work to do but wanted to let everyone know, you can do it!! Keep it up! This was only a month!!" E.N.

1 out of 3 Moms...

are suffering from Diastasis Recti

Diastasis Recti is ab separation.

Ab separation is a totally normal process that happens during pregnancy to allow for the baby to grow in your tummy.

Unfortunately, this separation doesn't resolve by itself in at least 1 out of 3 moms.

Diastasis Recti affects the entire core.

The entire core consists of muscles that support the front, sides, back, top and bottom of the core.

Your core is like a container and not just a 6-pack at the front of your stomach.

During pregnancy...

Many parts of your core gets stretched out- mostly all the way around your entire waist, from the front to the back, and even the bottom (your pelvic floor- hello leaking!😣 )

It's much like a balloon...

What happens when you blow a balloon up to many times its original size?

It often doesn't go back to its original size.

This is especially the case if you blow it up multiple times and blow it up bigger and bigger each time.

Think consecutive pregnancies. 😑

Here's Why The Exercises You've Tried Before Haven't Worked.

Traditional core exercises are often hyper focused on only the washboard or 6-pack abs.

But that's only the very front of the core (and still only 1 out of the several muscles that make up the front of the core).

For someone whose entire core is stretched, they need a program that properly strengthens and tightens the core all the way around.

Not to forget the top and the bottom as well.

Imagine wanting to shrink that balloon back down.

Focusing only on your 6 pack is like drawing a smiley face on your balloon.

Sure it might look a little different, but it's not solving the root problem.

And it's not shrinking the balloon at all.

Not only that, but just focusing on the front, without addressing the rest of the core, often makes the entire situation worse...

Here's What You Should Do Instead.

The solution is to focus on all of the muscles in your core. This is what will "shrink the balloon," bring your ab muscles closer together and tighten your mommy tummy.

Which means you will no longer look like you are pregnant when you're not...

You will no longer have to worry about what you will wear to the party...

You will no longer have to dread looking in the mirror.


You will have a tighter stronger tummy...

You will be able to confidently choose an outfit that you are excited to wear when you go out...

And you will actually be proud of the figure you see in the mirror.

"Are you expecting again?"

That's the question I received when I was actually dressed up and feeling kinda cute. (Talk about shooting down a girl's confidence 😩 ).

Someone looked right at my tummy and asked IN PUBLIC, if I were pregnant.

Then not long after that incident, I was doubled over in pain with a pinched nerve. I couldn't stand up straight or even hold my nearly 1 year old.

On top of it all, I couldn't cough, sneeze or even laugh without leaking. 😣

All this because of my weak core.

I literally felt like my body (inside and out) would NEVER be strong again.

Because it's not like I wasn't trying. I was doing ab workouts and HIIT workouts and I had lost all the baby weight...

But it seemed like nothing was working.

After that pinched nerve episode, I was determined NOT to experience pain like that again.

Then bits and pieces of information started coming together from my B.S. in Biochemistry, M.S.Ed. in Health Education, my time running an all women's fitness center and from watching random YouTube videos. 😆

But I still felt like I was missing something because it wasn't quite working. So I spent many hours and hundreds of dollars getting certified specifically in diastasis recti to learn more.

That's when I started seeing results! I shared my exercises with other mamas and they began seeing results too!!

Excited about my personal progress and the progress of other mamas, I have been helping mamas ever since.

Check Out The Program

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Available in days
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  Tools To Get Started
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Available in days
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  C-Section Mamas (including mamas that have abdominal scar tissue from different causes)
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  Week 1: Breathing Lessons and Level 1 Workouts
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  Week 2: Alignment Lessons and Level 2 Workouts
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  Week 4: Exhaling Lessons and Level 2 Workouts
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  Week 5: Rest Lesson and Level 3 Workouts
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  Week 6: Nutrition Lesson and Level 3 Workouts
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  Week 7: Stress and Your Fascia and Level 3 Workouts
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  Week 8: Gratitude Lesson and Level 3 Workouts
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  In closing
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  **Bonus** Nutrition Optimization Bundle
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  **Bonus** Advanced Core Workouts
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Along with the program, you'll get...


You can opt to be in an accountability group with other ladies going through the program. This will give you a level of accountability and you can get encouragement and tips for finishing what you started.


You can post videos of yourself doing the exercises, if at any time you are unsure if you are executing them properly. Myself and Dr. Lexi (our Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist) will be available to review them.


This course will mark your progress as you follow a step-by-step plan. You aren't simply going to learn exercises either. This is a holistic course that will show you step-by-step what promotes the healing of your core- like nutrition and rest.


30-day trial membership to Mommy Mango Fit Camp.

A workout library with Diastasis Recti safe total body and cardio/HIIT workouts.

Your Investment Includes:

"I never thought I would have my body back again..."

After 6 Weeks

I’ve struggled with my diastasis since I had my first baby back in 2013 via c section. I went on to have 3 more children since then also via c section, my belly was a mess, my back in bits. I had tried every fad diet and excercise routine I could think of but nothing ever worked.

I joined this group [Mommy Mango's] and started doing my research, ...honestly cannot believe how much it’s changed my life

Your Investment In Yourself


It's been X number of months or years since I had my baby. Is it too late for me to heal?

NOPE! It's never too late. We are strengthening muscles and facilitating the repair of fascia.. It's never too late to do that. 😉

How long will it take for me to heal?

EVERYONE is different. It takes 4-6 weeks for muscles to strengthen and at least 6 months for the fascia/connective tissue. You should see significant results in 4-6 weeks and you'll feel the difference even sooner.

How long are the exercises?

You'll need to set aside 15-25 minutes a day, at least 4 days a week to see progress.

Do I still have access to the program after the first 8 weeks?

Yes, you have lifetime access.

I'm pregnant and I have this. What should I do?

First, know that it's totally normal to have Diastasis Recti during pregnancy. It allows the baby to expand in your belly. However, you can start this program right now and prevent more stretching than is necessary. It can help with labor and delivery and make for a faster post partum recovery.

Will this help if I've never had a baby?

Even guys have had success with these exercises. If you have diastasis recti or even if your abs bulge forward instead of stay flat when you do a sit up, this program will strengthen and tighten your core.