****Top Tips for Success****

After working with literally thousands of women (and a few men), the toughest part is taking out the time needed to make change happen. The biggest reason I hear is that they don't have time to fit in the workouts. This method is simple and often insures that you are prioritizing your healing process.

  1. Get yourself a calendar. Draw one on a piece of paper. Whatever. 😆 Pick a start date and mark it. Then mark off every day that you complete your workout. (It's super satisfying to do it and see it on paper or a white board. I promise. 😀
  2. Pick out a specific place to workout in your home and have everything ready (equipment, clothes, mat and water bottle etc.) the night before.
  3. Refuse to consume social media, television, even the news or any type of media at all, until after you complete your workout for that day. If you don't have time then that's ok, but if you have time to do these things then maybe you have more time than you think. (Sorry, a little tough love here, but I really want to see you succeed and that means you have to prioritize this process).

Is this something you can commit to? Comment below and be an encouragement to those coming after you. 😀

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