Welcome to the Course

We would like to be the first to say, thank you for investing in us and your family. This course is designed with the whole family in mind. We have been cooking as a family for many years (lol) and find it fun and easier on Mom when we all do our part.

We have broken this course into five modules. In this module you will be able to download the recipe workbook. Even though we will be chopping and cooking in real time most of the ingredients, you should look at each section and make sure that you have the ingredients ahead of time.

In each section, the workbook will be made available so that you can refer to it as you cook. We would love to hear how your experience has been so please don't forget to comment at the end of each module.

If you would like to purchase any of our potholders, feel free to visit www.selahandanthony.com.

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